The forgotten Blogger

Organizing a new dairy brought back a page from the past, of a life I once lived and when I write about them. Reading them now somehow seemed to me a very surreal thing, as if I find a personality of myself which I have disassociated for more than half a decade. This is the modern forgotten key – passwords! In a word of digital age, there is no dust settling onto pages of dog-eared journals nor yellowed-up photographs. It just another ‘UPDATE’ and another ‘LOG-IN’. I just wondered if the physical tactile feel of objects could have helped me to capture a higher sense of nostalgia, that emotional connection to writing, like a revival of affirmation? An entry here and another entry there.. poems, reflections, drawings…spewed over different diaries, journals, newspapers, sketch books, textbooks. lecture papers. How can that be organised? Lets make this centralised, lets make this organised and lets find time to make writing happen again. Yes, when all the fingers (almost) function sufficiently well on the keyboard 🙂


Sunshine – out at sea

Off at SeaThis is a picture of  the forward of the little Boat which we were out at the Mangrove Ride at Langkawi.  I made the trip last year on 16 Dec 2012. Remembering that sunny morning when the heated wind hurriedly lashed onto our faces. The visit of the Geopark and the Eagle feeding, the short walk through the Bats Cave made that morning both gratifying and glorious. There was a certain unspoken whisper the wind could mumble – seemed to tell me that day..BE HAPPY and SMILE. It certainly cleared my mind and wiped my sorrows from an unplesant remark I heard the night before. Yes, it was heart-wrenching and I still have that tinge of hurt and I have learnt to forget. The closeness to nature like the, MOUNTAINS, SUN and SEA gave me strength and Big Smiles. How else can one handle deception if it is meant to be? Can I avoid being thrown into the sorrowful ocean of tears again? Perhaps, another new book, another new chapter and a touch of positive appreciation

End of World

Positive days out of this

Rest and park in bliss

In secrecy I’m not at ease

Some rats know about this

Could it be a miss?

Initial actions start with a kiss

Love avenues with bountiful tease

Let peace reigns and foregive the beast

Actually the heart is just on lease..


I took a dose of medicine for the first time yesterday after about 8-9 years. The uncooked noodles I made could not digest in my system for almost 2 days. Therefore I have to surrender to being a “pill-junkie” for once. I have read about and believe that medicine do you no-good in the long run and hence when I have a fever or cold, I go the hard way – COLD TURKEY. Yes, big time endurance and will-power. Sleep and sleep and drink lots and lots of water and my body will recover, honestly, it is much slower route to recovery but worth the while. Luckily, I don’t fall sick easily. Amazing, every time I do this self-recovery, fight-for-your-life type of method or therapy, I come out stronger and my immune system seemed to ordain Knighthood and attain more war-badges – thus a longer period of healthy living. When people around me have cough or cold.. Shhhhh… I never get it and they don’t pass over to me. Sadly, this noodles that I ate was POTENT. It is some Korean noodles I should have made it real soft before eating them (sweet potato noodles actually – which is healthier) but I estimated bad cooking time and gobble the chewy stuff  too quickly and regrettably with lots of spicy chilli paste too. Well, lesson learnt and I just have to aim be a better cook from now on. Or stop doing these self-inflicting creative recipes of mine..just stick to regular edible food. I am brought up in a family environment where Women must be good at the kitchen…. it’s a tall order… I know a man who makes great pork chops, leeks and lamb stew – At Chef E Restaurant!

Abseiling ABC

If Prince Andrew can do it at his age at the Shard, I cant see how I cant give it a go for a mere 6-storey wall? It isnt even close to that skyscraper in London but then again comparing chalk to cheese where as royalty, the safety perimeters and his practice session would have Andrew “secured”. Launching from the top on the first few tries were a BIG hurdle. GO! and you sit on just straps and literally hanging on “free-air”, legs bend and you just start sliding.. The hands within the gloves seemed to get spikes – big heat. My heart was pounding like crazy and the hand behind my back needed super-duper good grip. I kept reminding myself not to bounce or sway whilst the carabina build up heat from the friction. That afternooon of 8 hrs was really wholesome fun for all 12 of us. Oddly, not many women are interested in abseiling, it is quite gentle really..


Made a Halloween card and was daringly striking and ridiculous.. Had it printed in a pattern with the style of pop-art wrapper and altered a picture which I took and made my dear pal into a cartoonized la pirate. This must have made him flipped and pulse skipped 2 beats for believe he didnt expect it. Perhaps I have been cheeky in my attempt…Ooops!’s me, your artist friend in the house… Cards will always be a statement…will never be dull, will never be common nor quiet. Voom voom!

Granola Glorified

It is Ottolenghi at Islington that captured my heart and tummy. That wooden plate presents 3 bowls. One creamy white fluff of Greek Yogurt, one colour-zoned fresh fruits compote and home-made Caramel Granola with Brazil and almonds. These 3 bowls draw me to breakfast without fail with my visits to London. It doesnt matter I am waltzed towards the bench or the narrow 2-seater beside the wall, every wait for the meal to  arrive makes my heart pound with delight. My tastebuds jumping with anticipation that first spoonful of delicious bite. Monsieur E will be reading his papers, his coffee and croissant and the same breakfast order. He was the one that got me hooked and drugged. Healthy fruits and Yogurt add to a super plus point and I am imagining the bite on those bouncy blue berries as I am typing this post…This is cruel. Till the next time we meet…Mr Granola. Yums!